My mind is always on, so my eyes are always sending signals to my brain about the images I am taking in.

I have a camera on me at all times, whether it is my DSLR or iPhone, or both! I have an affinity for shots that are reminiscent of journalistic travel film photography. The anthropologic approach is what I admire and apply to my subjects. I am always on the move and have a constant urge to document my journeys like photojournalists. My photographs are shot on the spot wherever I am. Spontaneity is the driving force behind my work. 

When it comes to my conceptual work, my fine art illustration background is what gets my images from my mind to the outside world. I draw and/or paint out the idea; fleshing out the environment, the subject, and the colors are part of my pre-production. The use of prisms are a part of my hands-on tools. I love transforming the location into a dream scape, whisking my subjects away from the world they were just in.